In September 2018, I will be attending Dalhousie University for an Honours Bachelors of Computer Science program. There are so many great things about leaving high school, and so many new goals to work towards.

I thought I would make a little life progress thing here, with some goals for the upcoming four years!

High School


But first, some reflection, on the past four years of high school. I had an amazing experience, with educators who went above and beyond. With their encouragement, Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS won ECOO twice. One of my mentors went to IOI. Many of us won CCO awards. Computer Science has always been my drive and my passion, and I have always felt at ease in front of a screen.


Looking forward though, I am incredibly grateful to be starting a Computer Science program at one of Canada's top research universities. Here are some of my goals for the future:

  1. Maintain Honours Status
  2. Begin Research at the end of First Year
  3. Make at least 10 side projects in the next academic year, relating to some social good
  4. Read a book a week
  5. Spend at least 10 hours a week relaxing. Just doing nothing.
  6. Meet some cool people!
  7. Co-op at SpaceX at least once


It's no secret that I'm a space nerd. From my early childhood, I was fascinated by spaceflight and aeronautics, and I remember spending my early teenage years watching Star Trek as an escape. It was thrilling.

Now, with Elon Musk proposing Mars colonization, I feel like this is something I need to do. SpaceX is a phenomenal company, and working there even for a summer to help humans land on Mars would be an honour.

That's my main goal: not so much of "doing well in school" but doing something rewarding and fulfilling. There's something special about that.


Oh, CSA would work too. I guess.